SVBThat’s right.  The time has come for the “Adopt an Entrepreneur” contest.

Le Web is ALL about entrepreneurship and bringing together the most innovative and creative minds for an event that will accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur.

Lepe Partners

Thanks to Lepe Partners and Silicon Valley Bank, we’re giving away22 FREE passes to Le Web in London to any entrepreneur who can convince us that they truly and undoubtedly deserve to go.

So if you’ve just been dying to go to, but the startup piggy bank isn’t quite cutting it this year, here’s your opportunity.

Here’s how you enter:

It’s simple… create as much noise about why you are an entrepreneur that deserves to go to Le Web.

Step 1: Create some content to convince us that you deserve to go to Le Web in London.  Videos, songs, poems, articles… get creative!

Step 2: Like Le Web on facebook and share it on our wall.  Tweet it out and get others to RT it.  Share it on G+.  You should mention our Google+ account so we see it!

Use the tag #leweb (extra points for sending some love to our amazing sponsors using the tags#lepe and#svb). Remember, the more noise you make, the better chance that we’ll see it!

Step 3: That’s it!  We’ll be giving away 22 tickets in total! So get going and keep an eye out from a message from us if you win.


Hint hint…

We’ll be giving away tickets on a lot of different platforms so make sure to create and share your submissions on google+, twitter, facebook, youtube or anywhere else that you think will help us find you.  Follow@leweblondon where you might find some tips on which platform we’ll be choosing from that day.

Strapped for ideas?  Last year, people made moving videos, took hilarious pictures, did impressions, and other crazy acts of entertainment.  It’s up to YOU to convince us that you deserve to go.

Le Web London is coming up quick so don’t waste any time!  June 19 will be here before you know it.

Let the games begin!


David Spinks
David Spinks
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